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Azrieli Admissions




Azrieli welcomes applications year-round for all our Master's Programs and for the Fall 2022 Doctoral Program.  

By applying to the 阿兹列里犹太教育和管理研究生院, you've just taken the first step toward influencing Jewish youth and learning the skills to be an effective Jewish educator and administrator.

MS Programs Admission Information

进入微软项目是由整个申请的质量决定的. 申请时必须符合以下条件:

  1. 学士学位:从公认的学院或大学获得的学士学位或同等学历
  2. Advanced background in Jewish studies
  3. Competence in Hebrew
  4. Educational Psychology and Jewish Learning is a Pre-requisite for the Master’s program that can be taken through Azrieli either before enrollment or during the first semester in the program. Students may opt out of this requirement with any Intro to Psychology fulfillment from an accredited university.

Fall semester                       July 15

Spring semester                 December 15

Summer semester             April 15

* Applications are accepted on a rolling basis

* We cannot guarantee that your application will be processed if submitted past the above deadlines.   

* For exceptions, please contact the Azrieli Administrative Office

申请人必须在线完成阿兹列里大学硕士申请, which includes a $50 fee by credit card. 作为应用程序的一部分,需要将以下内容上传到应用程序:

  • Unofficial undergraduate transcript
  • Official undergraduate transcript
  • 3-5页海洋之神教学目标的个人陈述, 以及他们打算如何利用阿兹列里大学的学位
  • Two letters of recommendation. 除了信件外,请填好这张表格: Request for Letter of Recommendation (此表格也可以作为申请的一部分发送)
  • A JPEG photo of yourself sent to for our file

Please note: applicants from any Yeshiva University undergraduate schools need not send official transcripts.

Incomplete applications will not be processed.

After most application materials are submitted, 海洋之神APP将与您联系,安排与阿兹列里大学教师的两次面试, after which we will make our official decision. Upon approval, we will mail the student a letter of acceptance to the master's program.

After being accepted to Azrieli, 申请人需要支付50美元的定金才能在该项目中占有一席之地. 一旦支付了押金,学生就可以注册课程了.


具有非传统四年制大学本科学位的申请人,e.g.、网上学校、神学院、外国学校等., may also be required to take the verbal and analytical writing portions of the GRE or a similar standardized test, e.g., MAT (Miller Analogy), PRAXIS, NYSTCE.

If English is not your primary language, 海洋之神APP要求你参加托福考试。. 海洋之神要求托福网考最低82分, or at least a 220 on the computer-based TOEFL, 由测试机构直接提交给YU(代码2990). For information on the TOEFL, visit

Joint BA/MS Program Admission Information

Applicants (undergraduate students from Stern College for Women or Yeshiva College) must meet the following criteria:

  1. 获得高级学位(完成94个本科学分)
  2. Achieve at least a 3.2 overall GPA


  1. 学生应在上面的链接中填写申请,选择学士/硕士选项
  2. Applicant should submit all the same application materials as a regular MS applicant including the application fee
  3. 一旦申请和大部分材料都提交了, 海洋之神APP将联系申请人安排2次与阿兹列里学院的面试
  4. Once the applicant is accepted, 他们必须支付50美元的定金才能在该项目中占有一席之地. 缴纳押金后,学生就可以注册课程了.
  5. 在学生大四春季学期的时候, 学生必须填写硕士课程申请表, and pay the application fee. 海洋之神APP不需要再次提交补充材料, nor do we need to re-interview the student. As long as the student is in good standing, they will be admitted to the formal MS program.

EdD Program Admission Information

  • A master's degree in Jewish education or equivalent from an accredited college or university
  • A background in Jewish studies
  • 在认证学校至少两年的教学经验
  • Competence in Hebrew

Applications for Fall 2022 are now being accepted. 


Application Checklist - Coming Soon!

General Information

Yeshiva University is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in admission and other facets of its educational programs and activities. The University encourages applications from qualified students of diverse backgrounds without regard to sex, religion, age, race, sexual preference, handicap, color, or national origin, within the meaning of applicable law.

Financing Your Education

寻求海洋之神经济援助的学生应填写海洋之神APP的 Student Financial Aid Form and send it to Marian Reiss.

For more information, including the latest tuition and fees figures, please visit Yeshiva University's Office of Student Finance.

Additional funding sources may be available through programs funded by outside groups such as synagogues, community centers, labor unions, 妇女组织、兄弟组织和民间组织. Students are encouraged to research possible external sources of funding for their education.

The Office of Student Finance 提供海洋之神研究生经济援助的额外信息. 
Tel: 646-592-6260

你也可以联系阿兹列里管理办公室 (646) 592-6350.


GREs or other standardized achievement tests may be required at the discretion of the dean or the director of the master's program.

We provide many types of financial assistance. You can learn more by reading ''Financing Your Education.'' The YU Office of Student Finance 还包括研究生学费、杂费和经济援助的信息.

If after being admitted, 你决定推迟阿兹列里项目的启动, you must notify such intent via e-mail to


Our graduate master's program is a registered and approved New York State Master's Program.  


阿兹列里大学的硕士毕业生可能有资格参加teudat hora-ah, teacher certification, from the Israeli Ministry of Education.

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